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E&K offers an unmatched breadth and depth of experience in the compliance industry, but our services go far beyond compliance. We have a 20-year track record of excellence. None of our clients, past or present, has ever been audited by the FEC for work performed by our firm. We know what state and federal agencies are looking for, and we provide a customized treasury, reporting, and compliance program designed to meet your specific needs.


We have also earned a reputation as an organization that stands by our clients. With a nationwide presence, we are frequently described as “thorough,” “always available,” and “easy to work with.” We quickly become a member of your team, fully integrated into the day-to-day operations of your campaign. You call us and we’re there. You email us, and we respond.

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Our PAC specialists can help with a multitude of state and federal regulations and deadlines.

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Former FEC officials specialize in resolving complex compliance issues.

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  • Accountable: Every client is assigned to a dedicated client manager, and client managers are cross-trained so there is always someone knowledgeable and available to provide additional support when needed. This structure ensures accountability and fully meets the FEC’s safe harbor requirements.
  • Transparent: Regardless of the size of your organization, we deliver a complete solution by codifying policies and procedures and documenting every step of the process. Clients receive hands-on training to ensure a seamless flow of data and information.
  • Flexible: Our business model provides maximum flexibility to serve to the full spectrum of political organizations from first-time candidates for office to some of the largest political action committees and organizations in the U.S.
  • Responsive: We know our clients don’t keep regular business hours, especially as elections approach. We make ourselves available when you need us—including evenings and weekends—at no additional charge.
  • Secure: We take privacy and security very seriously. Our staff and consultants sign data security and confidentiality policies when they join our organization, and our security procedures protect and limit access to client files and data. In addition, our entire team meets the stringent security and confidentiality requirements that federal government security standards.

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I was very pleased

Evans & Katz was instrumental in helping us get our campaign off the ground. They set up our systems so we could hit the ground running. Everything went very smoothly, and when we got a major, unexpected endorsement, the E&K team responded immediately to help us deposit a high number of small campaign contributions. They managed the processing of our contributions so we could focus on winning the election. I was very pleased with their services.

Pramila JayapalUnited States Representative

E&K helped us tighten up

E&K helped us tighten up our internal controls to make sure we are following FEC guidelines and best practices and staying as compliant as possible. It’s resulted in a cleaner, easier, smoother process for us. It’s also meant that we’ve had no letters or concerns with the FEC.

Will GriffithSenior Manager, Political Affairs, American Health Care Association

E&K has been really great for us

We’ve been working with them for about four years, and the reality is there are never any problems. Things just get done. It’s an easy working relationship, and we love all the people who work there. E&K has been really great for us.

Keith MestrichPresident and CEO, Amalgamated Bank

They’re responsive and available

Compliance can take up a lot of time, and if it’s done wrong can cause massive heartburn. E&K took those concerns off our plate and allowed us to do the hard work of campaigning. They’re responsive and available, they know compliance and the FEC process, and they were great to work with.

Marc GoldbergCampaign Manager, Maggie Hassan’s 2016 Senate Campaign

highest degree of excellence

Sometimes I forget they’re a vendor—they have become a full member of the team. We don’t ever have to worry about compliance being done right, on time, and with highest degree of excellence. I never doubt their ability to fully meet our needs.

Steve SpinnerCampaign Chair, Ro Khanna for Congress

E&K is our virtual back-office

E&K is our virtual back-office as far as processing and fulfilling contributions to candidates from our political action committee and organizing that information to file the appropriate FEC reports. This allows our PAC professional to focus on expanding the PAC and other duties so his time is not focused on processing checks and making sure things are appropriately handled and tabulated for FEC reports.

Tony EdwardsEVP & General Counsel, NAREIT

It has been so helpful

There were times when we decided to get involved in an election and we learned we needed to register in a state or municipality and cut a PAC check in 24-to-48 hours. Evans & Katz turned things around quickly, and was always there when we needed them, regardless of the time of day. It has been so helpful to have an outside firm who can handle the complexities for each state and municipality, making sure we’re up to date on our filings and avoiding missteps along the way.

David BillyFormer Political Director of the International Association of Fire Fighters

understanding of our needs

We ultimately selected E&K because they offered a customized solution at a competitive price, they were able to work with any software vendor, and they had the best understanding of our needs. We also appreciated that they worked extensively in the progressive community.

Mark Schneiderformer Associate General Counsel for Service Employees International Union

I’m very satisfied with them

Each state is different, and E&K gives us insight about working within the different state rules. They are not afraid to let you know if something is not going to be correct for compliance reasons. They will give us a head’s up. E&K is easy to work with. Everyone there is motivated, driven, and knows what she is doing. I’m very satisfied with them.

Bevin P. AlbertaniPolitical Director for the Laborers’ International Union of North America

Their response time is amazing

E&K invests in you. They become part of your team. Their response time is amazing — it is as if they are really there in the room with you. They help you to take that next step to make sure you don’t make mistakes that could really set you back. Campaigns need to make as few mistakes as possible, and E&K makes sure that happens.

Daniel KrupnickCampaign Manager, Gary McDowell for Congress 2010

Someone is always available

I worked with Evans & Katz for about three years. ANCOR was setting up a political action committee for the first time, so we were looking for a responsible company that would know how to manage our new PAC. We needed a firm that would be able to guide us, and Evans & Katz was exactly that firm. On the first call with E&K, we had a slew of questions about PACs, how they run, and how we manage the process. They answered all of our questions, and we’ve had a smooth relationship ever since. Our account manager has been terrific, and someone is always available when we reach out to them for suggestions. We’ve had a lovely experience with E&K.

Esmé GrewalVice President of Government Relations, ANCOR

A trusted member of our team

Evans & Katz has handled our state and federal campaign compliance reporting needs for many years, and in my experience, they’ve been a pleasure to work with. E&K is reliable, efficient, and they always respond quickly to our requests. We’ve never had any doubts that our reports would be accurate and submitted in a timely fashion. They really are a trusted member of our team.

José E. SerranoUnited States Representative

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