Candidate Committees

In the super-charged political environment of today, candidate committees are subjected to an exceptionally high degree of exposure. With public scrutiny of campaign finance at an all-time high, candidates are pressured for transparency and to get their reporting right.

E&K understands that compliance with all the state and federal regulations is not something that can just be plugged in at the end of the day to make it right. Compliance is built into the campaign operation from the ground up.

We solve a fundamental challenge faced by all candidate committees:

An effective candidate committee must operate on two conflicting levels at once. On one level, the committee has to be out there with rapid-fire responses to emerging issues, evolving strategies, crafting of fundraising appeals, and assessing message effectiveness. On the other level, a committee needs to maintain a stable, reliable financial system for recording, processing, and reporting funds in compliance with all state and federal regulations. That system must be built to run with clockwork precision without exception. Maintaining these two opposite levels of operation can be a strain on any campaign’s resources. This is where the “E&K Difference” is most effective.

Whether you’re a first-time candidate or a long-serving incumbent, E&K’s experienced campaign compliance professionals can ensure your committee complies with all state and federal regulations, meets deadlines, and manages important details, while your committee continues to move dynamically in the right direction.

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