Our History

Diane Evans founded E&K in the late 1990s, when campaign finance compliance was still a new industry. Diane, a former aide for multiple members of Congress, set out to build an organization that would provide stable, flexible careers for women who wanted to work in in politics. At the same time, she recognized that a successful campaign compliance firm would need to meet the cyclical, around-the-clock demands of candidates and political organizations. Over the years, Diane and her team succeeded in building a business model that is stable, for the job security of its employees, and adaptive, for the candidates and political organizations it represents.

Today, E&K has grown from a one-woman shop to a recognized industry leader with a national presence, but the firm’s core values are the same. We are still 100% woman-owned, and still dedicated to providing a nurturing workplace for women—and some men—who love politics. Our success in achieving a nurturing, professional culture is demonstrated by the talented team of compliance professionals who have more than a century of combined experience in the halls of Congress, campaign war rooms, senior policy positions, and high-level FEC offices.

We take great pride in eliminating compliance-related worries for the candidates, campaign committees, and political action committees we represent, so they can focus on winning elections.

According to one client, “Compliance can take up a lot of time, and if it’s done wrong can cause massive heartburn. E&K took those concerns off our plate and allowed us to do the hard work of campaigning. They’re responsive and available, they know compliance and the FEC process, and they were great to work with.”

We also take pride in our long history of serving progressive causes through diverse clientele and by providing funds and volunteer support to campaigns and nonprofit organizations that promote women’s equality, workers’ rights, social justice, freedom of expression, and support for marginalized communities.

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