Lynne Duggan Memorial Scholarship Fund

Lynne Duggan, our dear colleague, mentor, and friend, passed away in 2011. Lynne was dearly loved and respected by her E&K family, and she will always be missed. To honor Lynne’s memory, we created the Lynne Duggan Scholarship Fund to support Atlanta-based Whole World Improv Theatre’s (WWIT) Summer Camp program. WWIT is a non-profit theater company with some of the hottest improv performers in the South. Lynne served as the business manager for WWIT for many years before she joined E&K, and she remained close to her dear friends at WWIT throughout her life. WWIT’s senior staff and many alumni were with Lynne to the very end, bringing laughter and love to the hospital and support to her entire family.

The Lynne Duggan Scholarship Fund gives children ages eight-to-thirteen a chance to attend a week-long summer camp to learn theater and acting. WWIT’s Summer Camp teaches children self-awareness and trust and helps to eliminate fears through a “no judgment” method practiced by Whole World’s instructors, performers, and students. In 2015, WWIT sold out every week and added three new weeks to the camp schedule. Lynne loved WWIT, and she loved children, so we know this is something she would be proud to support.

Please consider donating funds to the Lynne Duggan Scholarship Fund. WWIT is a 501(c) 3 organization, and your donation is 100% tax deductible.

To donate, visit the WWIT website, call WWIT at 404.817.7529, or contact E&K directly with any questions.

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