Special Projects

Campaign finance is an ever-changing world. Staying in compliance with the current rules and regulations can be a challenge. Sometimes, campaigns or PACs can get behind and fall out of compliance. This is where our Special Projects Team thrives. E&K’s Special Projects Team is composed of former FEC officials that specialize in resolving complex and complicated compliance issues. Whether you’re looking at decade-old reports and accounts that need reconciliation, FEC requests for additional information, or enforcement actions, our Special Projects Team will help bring you into compliance with the law. After the immediate compliance issues are satisfactorily resolved, the Special Projects Team will work with committee personnel to trouble-shoot management, operating, and accounting systems to identify any weaknesses that contributed to the compliance failure.

Our experienced E&K Team will assist in crafting and implementing internal controls to cure any system weaknesses. With our expert guidance and support, a committee can emerge from a compliance crisis even stronger than it was before.

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