The E&K Difference

Off-years in politics don’t exist anymore. Candidates, campaign committees, and political action committees can expect a year-round fundraising cycle that doesn’t let up in the off-years. The good news is that more funds—including a massive influx of small contributions—are being injected into campaigns, especially for progressive candidates who appeal to millennial voters. The downside is that more money flowing through more channels creates a more urgent need for political organizations to report their fundraising activities fully and legally.

E&K was built for this.

Our competitive advantage stems from our flexible business model, which features a large team of compliance experts located throughout the country and available as needed to help clients when they need it most. Our unique structure allows us to become fully integrated into the day-to-day operations of your campaign.

According to one client, “they have become a full member of the team. We don’t ever have to worry about compliance being done right, on time, and with highest degree of excellence. I never doubt their ability to fully meet our needs.”

In 2016, every one of our clients that was in the general election won, challengers and incumbents included. We enabled the campaigns to focus on what was necessary to get elected, supporting them in a way that goes far beyond compliance.

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